University Students at Comedy Hypnotist Show

Hypnosis Climate Change

College Comedy Hypnotist Daniel James takes his subjects to the beach.. suddenly it begins to get very cold!

Comedy Hypnosis Show at College

Best Ice Cream EVER!

High School Project Graduation, Comedy Hypnotist Daniel James treats his volunteers to a great tasting ice cream!

College Student at Comedy Hypnosis Show

The Unstopable finger.

It's Student Orientation and Welcome week. Campus Hypnotist Daniel James This volunteer feels a strong magnetic force pulling her finger towards the tip of her nose!

Hypnotised College Students at Comedy Hypnosis Show

Talking into your foot!

These Hypnotized students answer their shoe phones.. The show can wait! With Comedy College Hypnotist Daniel James.

College Audience at Comedy Hypnotist Show

Things are going to get crazy.

Welcome Week at LaGrange College students wait enthusiastically to see Comedy Hypnotist Daniel James. This will be Daniel's tenth year appearing at LaGrange College, Student Activities.

Hillarious College Comedy Hypnotist


College Students listening carefully to the Hypnotic Induction of Comedy Hypnotist Daniel James as they drift into a very relaxed state of mind. The fun is about to begin!

Best Comedy Hypnotist

Its Going to be a FUN show.

University of Wisconsin Student Orientation. Excited volunteers on stage prepare themselves for an experience they will never forget with comedy Hypnotist Daniel James.

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